Is it safe to travel to Jordan now? Latest Foreign Office advice after Israel declares state of emergency

More than 10 Britons are feared dead or are missing after Hamas fighters attacked Israel.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said “significant numbers” of British-Israeli dual nationals have been caught up in the conflict, although he said he is “uncomfortable” giving exact numbers in a fast-moving situation.

Rishi Sunak said the UK Government was ready to support any British citizens in need of help, telling broadcasters: “I know there will be families who are anxious about their loved ones in the region.

“I want to reassure them we’re doing everything we can, working very closely with the Israeli authorities to establish what is happening on the ground, provide support to people where it’s needed.

“I’d urge anyone there to contact the Foreign Office so that they have their details, follow the advice locally from the Israelis but also from the Foreign Office, and we stand ready to support everyone as best we can.”

The escalating situation between Israel and Palestine has led to fears over travelling to and around neighbouring countries. Here is the latest advice for Jordan, and what its regime has said about the conflict.

Is it safe to travel to Jordan?

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) is not currently advising against travel to Jordan relating to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

However, it advises against all but essential travel to within three miles of Jordan’s border with Syria.

The FCDO said around 25,967 British nationals visited Jordan in 2021, and that most visits are trouble-free.

However, it adds: “Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Jordan. There have been a number of incidents since 2016, some serious.

“Attacks could be indiscriminate including in places visited by foreigners, particularly hotels, shopping malls and tourist sites. You should take extra care, and in the event of an incident, follow the advice of the Jordanian authorities.”

Jordan’s King Abdullah said on Sunday that there was a need to intensify diplomatic efforts to prevent escalating Israel-Palestinian violence with “dangerous repercussions” for the region’s security.

He added that contacts with regional and international parties were underway to discuss “urgent international action to avoid an escalation and prevent the region from the consequences of a new round of violence”.

Is it safe to travel to Israel?

The FCDO is advising against “all but essential travel to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories”, and against all travel to the following locations:

  • Gaza;
  • The Sheba’a Farms and Ghajjar;
  • Within 500m of the border with Lebanon (the “Blue Line”) east of Metula, including the northern edge of the town;
  • Within 500m of the border with Syria (the “Alpha Line”);
  • The area close to the border with Gaza that includes: south-west of Ashkelon, and south of route 35 and west of route 40 as far as Tlalim, not including Be’er Sheva.

The Israeli government has declared a state of emergency across the whole country, meaning international borders could close at short notice.

Anyone currently in Israel or the Occupied Palestinian Territories is advised to register their presence with the FCDO here. It can then share important updates with you, including information to support you to leave the country.

Despite the warnings, the UK is not currently planning to follow other European nations in evacuating citizens from Israel.